Verified By VISA® Program

Make online purchases safely with Verified by VISA®. Protect your existing VISA® card with a password you create, giving you assurance that only you can use your VISA® card online.  Simply activate your card and create your personal password. You’ll get the added confidence that your VISA® card is safe when you shop at participating online stores.

To learn more and activate your WesternBank VISA® card click here (a new browser window will open)

Frequently Asked Questions


What is Verified by VISA®?

Verified by VISA® is a new service that allows you to add a personal password to your existing WesternBank VISA® card. When you make purchases at participating online stores, you’ll validate your identity by entering your password in a special Verified by VISA® window. This gives you added safety and reassurance that only you can use your WesternBank VISA® card online when shopping at those participating merchants.


Will I need to apply for a new WesternBank VISA® card to use Verified by VISA®?

Verified by VISA® is designed to protect the WesternBank VISA® card(s) that you already have. To check eligibility of your existing WesternBank VISA®, submit your card number. Please note: your card number is fully encrypted for your protection when you submit it to check eligibility.


Is there a fee for Verified by VISA®?

No, Verified by VISA® is free to existing WesternBank VISA® cardholders.


I am not an Internet expert. How easy is Verified by VISA® to use?

Verified by VISA® is quick and easy to use. When you make a purchase from a participating online store, you’ll be asked for your Verified by VISA® password. Simply enter your password, click submit, and you’re done.


What browser will I need to use for Verified by VISA®?

Verified by VISA® requires Microsoft Internet Explorer Version 4.01 and above, Netscape Navigator 4.08 and above, or AOL 5.0 and above.


What computer operating systems will Verified by VISA® work on?

Verified by VISA® will work on the following computer operating systems: Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows XP, and Windows NT Workstation 4.0. Macintosh computer operating systems are not currently supported by Verified by VISA®.


Can I use Verified by VISA® from any computer?

One of the greatest advantages of Verified by VISA® is that you can use it from any PC connected to the web, as long as the PC is using an approved browser (see above questions for computer operating system and browser specifications).


My spouse and I both have the same WesternBank VISA® card number. How does Verified by VISA® work for the two of us?

Verified by VISA® still works for both of you. You’ll each register and create your own password. Please note that once your WesternBank VISA® account is registered with Verified by VISA®, all cardholders will need to register and create their own passwords to shop at participating stores.


How do I register for Verified by VISA®?

Visit Verified by VISA® and follow the steps outlined (new browser window will open).


If I register, what does WesternBank do with the information I provide during registration?

WesternBank cares about keeping your information safe and private. Your information is used only for the purposes of providing this service. It is transmitted using a high level of encryption, and is stored on a secure server. For more details, see the WesternBank Privacy & Security Policy.


Can I register more than one WesternBank card?

Yes, you may register all of your WesternBank cards, as long as they are eligible.


What is the verification code?

A verification code is a 3-digit number printed on the signature stripe on the back of your WesternBank VISA® card, just after the account number. This is another measure to enhance security during registration. We ask for the verification code to help verify that the person registering for the service is in physical possession of the card.


Why are the last four digits of my Social Security number required?

With increasing frequency, government agencies, schools, utility companies, and businesses rely on Social security numbers to identify people in their computer systems. Verified by VISA® uses only the last four digits of your Social Security number to help verify your identity. Providing WesternBank with the last four digits of your Social Security number does not give us access to any of your Social Security records.


What is the password hint?

When you register, you will create a password hint. If you ever forget your password or lose it, the password hint can help you remember it.


What is a Personal Message?

When you register, you’ll create your Personal Message as the last step in your Verified by VISA® registration. When you pay online, always look for your Personal Message before you enter your password to help ensure that you’re using the authentic Verified by VISA® service.


Does the registration process affect my credit rating if my identity is verified using information form a credit bureau report?

No. If a credit inquiry is required, the verification of your identity would only appear as a “soft inquiry, and would have no effect on you credit rating. Please note: In most cases a credit inquiry is not required to verify your identity. If it is required, you will be asked your permission first.


Why are you asking extra questions during registration?

In some cases, we need to ask extra questions to help ensure that only the rightful owner of the WesternBank VISA® card is able to register for Verified by VISA®.


After I register, how long does it take for Verified by VISA® to become active in my WesternBank VISA® card?

The added protection of Verified by VISA® is available right away after you complete the online registration process. You may begin shopping at participating stores by visiting Shop with Verified by VISA®.


How do I shop with Verified by VISA®?

When you pay with your eligible WesternBank VISA® card, the verified by VISA® service is automatically extended to you at participating online stores. After you enter your VISA® card number and submit your order, a Verified by VISA® window appears. First, look for your Personal Message. Then, enter your password and click submit. Your identity will be verified and the purchase process will proceed. For more information, visit How it Works.


Where will I be able to shop using Verified by VISA®?

For a list of participating online stores, visit Shop with Verified by VISA®. This list of participating stores is growing all the time, so check back often for the latest updates. Also look for the Verified by VISA® symbol, which will be displayed at many participating online stores.


How will the online store know that I am signed up with Verified by VISA®?

When you use your VISA® card to pay at participating online stores, your WesternBank VISA® card number will automatically be recognized as a registered Verified by VISA® card.


Once I sign up for Verified by VISA®, will I enter my password wherever I shop?

You’ll enter your Verified by VISA® password only in online stores that are participating in Verified by VISA®.


Will VISA®’s Zero Liability policy cover me if someone uses my password to make a purchase using Verified by VISA®?

The Zero Liability policy protects you against the unauthorized use of your WesternBank VISA® card.


What do I need to do if my account number changes (e.g., lost my card and got a new card)?

If your account number changes, such as when you report your card lost or stolen and a new card is issued to you, you would need to register your new card for Verified by VISA® to enjoy added safety when you shop online.