Direct Deposit

Discover the convenience of an electronic transfer of your payroll, social security, or other income into any personal account you choose. Your funds will be made available immediately on your scheduled payday.  There is no need to visit the bank or mail in a check.


You can initiate Direct Deposit by contacting your employer, or other office you receive income from, for a direct deposit form. This form will ask you for your financial institution's ABA or Routing Number, the account number you wish to have the money deposited into, and a voided check if you choose to deposit into a checking account.  WesternBank branch  employees are willing to help you complete the form if necessary. Just give us a call or stop in at your convenience.

Automatic Payments

Know that your loan payments will always be on time with WesternBank's Automatic Payment Plan. We can transfer funds from your checking or savings account each month to your loan automatically.