Don't Get Lost In The Paper Shuffle.  Go Paperless.  Switch to new eStatements From WesternBank.

eStatements are the convenient, secure and environmentally friendly online alternative to your regular printed paper statements. Our new eStatements are FREE, and they deliver a long list of convenient benefits.

eStatements Are The Same As Printed Statements.

You can use your eStatements the same way you do the old printed statements. Use them for taxes, record keeping, anything official.

They Help You Combat Mail Fraud & Identity Theft.

The vast majority of identity theft cases begin with paper statements stolen from the mail. eStatements reside securely online behind our secure Online Banking system, closing the door on identity thieves.

They’re Good For The Environment.

Fewer printed statements means less paper, and that equals more trees. So go green. Go paperless. Sign up for eStatements.

eStatements Are Accessible.

Your eStatements can be printed on demand when and where you want. All you need is an Internet connection. Your online eStatements are stored as PDF files*, which you can access, save, and print whenever you need to.

They’re Delivered At The Speed Of The Internet.

You’re eStatements are available right away – usually days ahead of mailed statements. And, since they’re electronic, you don’t have to worry about clutter and storage.

It’s Easy To Get Started

You can switch to eStatement in three quick steps. It takes about 3-minutes to setup and it’s free.

To Activate Your Online Banking Account:


1. Sign up for WesternBank Online Banking At Any WesternBank Branch Location


1. Enroll directly on our website (

2. On the home page select Account Access / Online Banking
3. Click the Click Here to Enroll in Online Banking heading

4. Follow the step-by-step instructions

To Enroll in eStatements:


1. Log on to your Online Banking account

2. Select User Options on the top banner

3. Scroll to the eStatement Enrollment banner, click edit

4. Your eligible eStatement accounts will be listed.  To set-up an account for eStatements, click on the box in front of the account.

5. Click on the Electronic Statement Disclosure link.  Read / print the disclosure.

6. In the Confirm Email Address field, re-type your email address

7. Click the accept button


* You can store your eStatements as PDF, HTML or TEXT files.