Payroll Card Services From WesternBank

Save time and money with WesternBank Payroll Cards. Payroll Cards help employers reduce costs associated with paper checks and the re-issue of replacement checks due to loss or theft. According to Celent, it costs corporations $1.90 to prepare a paycheck in-house.  An expense that can be reduced by as much as 70% by moving to Payroll Cards.  The American Payroll Association estimates potential savings for lost paycheck replacement at $48 million annually.


Payroll Cards can be used for regular pay, reimbursing expenses, bonus and reward payments, paying remote employees, termination payments, payroll adjustments or one-time payments.


Payroll cards conveniently allow employees to receive payroll funding on their cards, which gives them instant access to cash at over 1,000,000 Visa ATM locations and point-of-sale terminals. It also eliminates costly fees for check cashing and sending money, the need to wait in line to cash checks, and the risk of carrying large amounts of cash.


The WesternBank payroll card is customized with your logo on each card, and is ideal for those employers that wish to immediately start issuing a PIN-based payroll card and/or a Debit MasterCard®. Our payroll card programs can also be customized to match your branding and corporate identity.

Employee Benefits

• Allows employees to receive payroll funds automatically without going to the bank

• No standing in line to cash checks

• Provides the convenience and security of PIN-based transactions

• No need to apply and be qualified for a credit card or checking account

• Payments automatically credited to the card

• No checking account fees

• 24/7 convenience of ATM withdrawals and purchases at over 1,000,000 locations

• Reduces the risk associated with carrying cash

• Card information available on the web and through the automated phone line

• Remote employees receive expenses on the card, eliminating the need to wait for an expense check in the mail

Employer Benefits

• Easy to implement and simplifies payroll payment process significantly

• Decreases payroll distribution costs and time

• Simplifies bank account reconciliation

• Reduces operational costs by 70%

• Simplifies payments to remotely located employees and travelers

• Eliminates check fraud, stop payments, and costs associated with lost or stolen checks

• Eliminates paper payroll checks, storage, envelope stuffing, and distribution

• Increases employee productivity (eliminates off-site trips to cash checks)

• Increases employee retention and loyalty


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